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The pupils are divided by year of birth, in training groups of a maximum of 25 athletes. After the club championships – every year at the beginning of October – the athletes automatically move on to the next age category and training group. 
The general management of the pupil department is in the hands of the pupil coördinator. Each training group has several trainers, with one trainer appointed as head trainer. The head trainer is the first point of contact for pupils and parents/carers with questions or problems. Click here for an overview of all pupil groups: coordinator, head trainer and training times. 

E and D pupils train once a week (Saturday 9 am-10.30am). 
A, B, and C pupils train twice a week (Wednesday 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM). 
For motivated A and B pupils, there are possibilities for additional technique training. 
There is ALWAYS training, except for:
 – official primary school holidays – region of the north of the Netherlands
 – competitions or activities scheduled on training days
 – extreme weather conditions: thunderstorms or sleet/black ice
 – cancellation by head trainer

Training content
Pupils practice all possible athletic elements. There are different forms of running such as sprint, medium distance, cross, hurdles and relay. In jumping we train high jump, long jump, triple jump from stand, and pole vaults are introduced to the A-pupils. When throwing we do vortex throwing, shot put, hoop throwing and the A-pupils introduce discus and javelin throwing. 
The emphasis is on a playful approach to athletics. As age increases, the difficulty level also increases.  Click here for more information about the “training technical line competition athletics.
Because the individual progression can be measured and of course because the athletes like it, a competition on one part is regularly organized during training time. All performances are registered and are part of own competition:

PRIKKELDRAAD.  (= barbed wire)

Find here actual information about the organization, training, games and activitiesprograms.

Find here actual information about track athletics, training times and -locations and contacts.

Contact John en Nelleke Dankers at for further information.

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