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At the GAC we want everyone to enjoy his or her sport. Every member should feel at home whatever
his or her sporting capabilities or background. However, despite all good intentions it is possible that someone may experience a problem that he or she wants to discuss in confidence. For example, (sexual) intimidation, aggression, discrimination or suspicions of (child)abuse – behaviour patterns that are unacceptable in a good and stimulating sporting climate.

The GAC club committee has appointed Helene Heckman and Fred Verkerk as confidants. Any
member can contact them for all questions, for a talk or to report unacceptable behaviour within the club.
You can reach them at and at 06-40484917 (Helene) and
06-26492295 (Fred).
The confidants are available for support and advice, they are non-judgmental and they will take
further steps only in accordance with your wishes. They are bound to confidentiality.

Members and parents of youth members respect each other’s boundaries. But it can occur that the
behaviour that one person finds acceptable is not acceptable to another. When you cannot handle
such a situation, you have several options: seek the help of a team member, trainer or the GAC club
committee, or contact the GAC confidant. If necessary or desired, the confidant can refer you to
another, external organisation. In the case of extreme forms of unacceptable behaviour, it may be
necessary to apply a formal measure.

A confidant acts only in response to a direct request from a club member and with his or her
permission. All steps which the confidant takes must be approved by the applicant. The confidant
guarantees confidentiality and is bound to observe secrecy on the reason for consultation.
The confidants’ task is to maintain and improve respectful behaviour, ensuring that individual
members feel secure and at ease. This way we hope to create a safe club culture, together with all
our members.

Read also the Behavior- & Safetyprotocol (in dutch)

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