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GAC: Running, Walking, Nordic walking, Bootcamp

Walking and running at each level!

Walking.  Therefore we are here for you. Each season and at each level. Walking when and with who you want. Streets, parks, nature reserves in and around Hilversum are visited often by runners and walkers. When you want to expand this more often, faster, further, consider to train in a group of the GAC.

When you walk alone or with someone else, it is sometimes hard to find a nice route when you don’t know the area and running schemes are not always easy to handle.

So, join GAC.

GAC has one of the biggest recreative walking groups of the Netherlands and has place for walkers and runners at each level to join a group. An ideal opportunity to stay healthy and lose wheight. Training together means better results, different routes and joint preparation for national events. Every week you can start at 6 moments and the costs are very low.

When you become enthusiastic , you can join GAC at, so we can find a suitable running group for you.

Find more information about running with GAC at:

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Sportive walking:


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