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Fill in this membership form to join as:

  • GAC ‘Loopsport’ member (for Recreational Running, Walking, Nordic walking, Bootcamp. You are free to alternate between these activities)
  • Prospective track athletics member (for all age groups)
  • Clinic participant (basisgroep for running, or beginners course for Nordic walking)

GAC has a privacy policy when dealing with personal data.

What happens after you fill in the membership form?

  • You will receive a confirmation by e-mail
  • Recreational athletes will be registered as member and can start immediately.
    Please note: If you want a few trial training sessions first, please wait until after these trials before sending us the entry form. Fees are calculated from the day of receipt.
  • Participants in the basisgroep for running will be registered as a member as from 1st October. The clinic starts with a free trial period
  • Track athletics will follow an introduction procedure. You will be contacted to discuss where and when you can start
  • Participants in the beginners course Nordic walking will be enrolled as prospective member for the length of the course

Payment and membership duration (including participants of the ‘basisgroep‘ for Runners)

You will receive an invoice via e-mail for the first contribution period. Payment is via direct debit only. You will find this year’s contribution fees here.

You sign up for at least a quarter of a year, which will be renewed automatically until you inform us before the ending of the quarter that you’d like to resign.

Payment for participants in the beginners course Nordic Walking

You will receive an invoice via e-mail. Payment is via direct debit only.
At the end of the course you can decide whether you want to become a GAC member.

For all your questions please contact

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