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Geen mededeling.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is DUT.png

Fill in this membership form to join:

  • GAC running member (running, Nordic Walking, Bootcamp, Sportive walking.) It is your choice to switch between these activities.
  • Aspired track athletics member.
  • Member of one of the clinics (Startersclinic, Running or Nordic Walking)

GAC has a policy to deal with personal data.

What to expect after filling in the membership form?

  • You receive a confirmation by e-mail
  • Experienced running-athletes will be registered as member and can start immediately
  • Members for the startersclinic running will be registered as member with effect of 1 Oktober. The clinic starts with a free introduction period
  • Track athletics follow an introduction period. GAC will contact you to discuss where and when to start

GAC- and startersclinic members receive an invoice for the first membership period. Payment goes via automatic collection. See the membership tariffs.

The membership-period for track athletics runs until the end of a calender-year.  The following year you can terminate each quarter of a year.

Running members can terminate the membership each quarter of a year.

Members of the startersclinic Nordic walking receive by e-mail an invoice. After the introduction course you choose whether you want to renew your membership.

For all your questions please contact

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